What We Do

Our goal is to provide a lift in purchases of lottery tickets by enabling consumers to have funds electronically debited from their checking accounts.

What is ACH Decoupled Debit?

Decoupled Debit refers to a mobile app or retailer’s branded card that directly debits payments from consumers’ bank accounts using PIN-protected and fully encrypted consumer data.

Introducing Decoupled Debit to State Lottery Sales Agents.

  • The term Decoupled Debit arose from the fact that the electronic funds will be issued from a third party that does not hold the cardholder’s savings or checking account and thus “decouples” the card from the traditional bank / depository institution. In this emerging payment space, iVertical Payment Network is referred to as an “Intermediate Service Provider”.

  • Based on low-cost settlement through the ACH network, over the last 16 years we have developed a suite of electronic funded debit products for mobile and merchant private label debit cards. The industry has referred to this product as “Decoupled Debit”.

No Chargebacks – No Reversals

Each transaction is PIN-protected and auto-generates payment transaction notifications as further safeguards. We continuously monitor and limit exposure to fraud and guarantee all transactions to further minimize risk to retailers and consumers alike.

Our Business Model

  • No transaction fees to the state or lottery sales agents

  • Enrolled players will be charged $0.30 per transaction for purchases transacted

  • No cost for loyalty email with couponing

  • No capital cost to the state or lottery sales agents

  • No retrofitting of existing equipment

  • Guaranteed next business day settlement

  • No reversals or chargebacks

Unlike other payment platforms we uniquely know:

  • Who the players are — Know Your Customer

  • Verify they are 18 years of age or older

  • How often and where they purchased

  • How much they are spending, daily, weekly and monthly

  • Limit how much they can purchase daily, weekly and monthly