How We Do It

BuyLottoNow is not a credit or debit card

BuyLottoNow provides consumers access to funds in their checking accounts so they may pay for lottery products at participating locations.

  • Consumers become aware of the program through email campaigns from their participating bank and third-party loyalty reward programs and POS signage on lottery vending machines to turn points into lottery dollars.

  • The consumer enrolls in the program via their web or mobile devices.  The consumer’s checking account information and consumer-selected PIN are the key elements of the enrollment data.

  • At the time of payment, a consumer selects BuyLottoNow as a method of payment.

  • The POS, Vending Machine or iLottery site will prompt for a PIN and the transaction will be sent to our platform for authorization.
  • BuyLottoNow then performs an EFT on the accounts, collects the funds and credits the state lottery within the prescribed settlement period.  BuyLottoNow bills once a month for the transaction fees.
  • The settlements process includes detailed transaction reports with an audit trail.

Web and Mobile Enrollment capturing and authenticating consumer data:

Identity Verification, Age Verification, Geo Location & Purchasing Limits

BuyLottoNow is not a credit or debit card

Our platform can provide connectivity via existing payment processing networks or directly to the BuyLottoNow host services.

Our platform ensures that the intent of state lotteries regulations are met.