How We Do It

BuyLottoNow operates a proprietary closed loop debit network that works outside of the traditional bank issued VISA / MasterCard debit rails

BuyLottoNow provides consumers access to funds in their checking accounts so they may pay for lottery products at participating locations.

  • Consumers become aware of the program through participating retailers placement of POS signage around lottery vending machines and sales counters.

  • The consumer enrolls in the program via their web or mobile devices.  The consumer’s checking account information and consumer-selected PIN are the key elements of the enrollment data.

  • At the time of payment, a consumer selects BuyLottoNow as a method of payment.

  • At the time of purchase the existing POS equipment will prompt for a PIN and the transaction will be sent to our platform for authorization.

  • BuyLottoNow then performs an electronic funds transfer on the enrolled accounts, collects the funds and credits the retailer within the next business day.

  • Guaranteed Settlement – No Reversals – No Chargebacks

  • The settlements process includes detailed transaction reports with an audit trail.

Web and Mobile Enrollment capturing and authenticating consumer data:

Identity Verification, Age Verification, Geo Location & Purchasing Limits

BuyLottoNow is a closed loop debit payment network regulated by NACHA and the Federal Reserve (ACH) Automated Clearing House