About Us

A Proprietary Patented Cashless Payment Platform

Designed for the U.S. Lottery Industry

Our platform is designed for a “Cashless Generation”

About Us

iVertical Payment Network d/b/a: BuyLottoNow is a Fintech company with a proprietary cashless payment platform designed for the $85 billion state lottery industry utilizing the business methods of 9 issued U.S. Patents.

iVertical Payment Network’s management team of  electronic payment professionals has worked together for 16 years and has a deep understanding of how to acquire and retain enrolled users, provide incremental sales lift and ensure best-in-class data security.

In 2004, we started a Fintech company in the petroleum / convenience store industry based on these patents that currently conducts 84 million transactions a year with over 4 million enrolled users.

Utilizing business methods of U.S. Patent numbers